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Windshield replacement installation in Glendale ArizonaWindshield Replacement Process

If you have had an accident or a stray rock or ball has broken your windshield beyond the point of repair, windshield replacement can get you back on the road safely and securely. Once a windshield is deemed irreparable, the repair process can begin. First, our trained technicians will remove the damaged windshield carefully to ensure the finish on your car is not damaged. Then, technicians will remove the urethane that held your broken windshield in place. After the urethane as been removed, the area must be completely cleaned and all traces of rust or damaged urethane must be removed. The area must be clean and down to the metal so a primer can be applied to increase adhesion. Now, expert auto glass installers can prime the glass with a primer made to match the urethane being used in your windshield. Once the glass is primed, the urethane can be applied with an electric caulking gun. The gun allows maximum control so beading is consistent and the risk of leaks is minimized. Now, the technicians can place in the glass they have selected carefully aligning the bottom, top and sides without touching any of the pried materials. Touching primed materials can interfere with adhesion, reduce the effectiveness of the products and cause leaks. As you can tell, this is a very detailed and involved process. When your safety and the safety of your family, friends and passengers is on the line, you want professionally trained experts handling your windshield replacement job. We hire only the very best expert glass installers and guarantee the job will be done right. Do not let a windshield in disrepair compromise your safety and security, call us to replace your windshield quickly, efficiently and with the best materials and replacement glass on the market.


Windshield Repair Process Glazier repairing windscreen after stone chipping damage

A chipped windshield can happen in the blink of an eye. A stray rock, a falling limb, a strong impact from a bird or other object can chip your glass in an instant. While a windshield chip may seem insignificant, it can compromise the strength of your wind shield and drastically reduce the protection it provides you and your passengers. A chipped windshield can also decrease the quality of your vision and cause accidents and injury due to reduce visibility. Do not drive around with a wind shield that could shatter and break easily because of a chip, call on us for windshield chip repair. Our experts can evaluate the chip and make sure your windshield is a good candidate for repair. Once it is determined your windshield can be repaired, our experts will get to work. First, they will drape your car to protect it while we work. Next, our technicians will clean out any debris, dust or moisture in the chipped area. After the chipped area is clean and dry, a specially designed resin will be inserted to fill the chip. Then, with an ultra violet light, our experts will cure the resin and seal off the damage. Once the resin has fully cured, we will clean off any excess resin so the area is flat, flush and looks and feels as good as new. Once the repair is finished, you will not be able to tell where the chip was or that it even happened. Windshield chip repair is a job our expert technicians can do quickly, sometimes in as little as thirty minutes. We can come to you or you can come to us. Call today to schedule an appointment and get your windshield chip repaired so you can get back on the road safely.


Auto Door Glass Repalcement in Glendale AZAuto Door Glass Replacement

If your driver or passenger windows are broken, you need to call on help from trained auto door glass replacement specialists. Replacing the glass in your car windows is not a job to take on yourself. Improperly installed windows can easily break, fall out or leak leaving your vulnerable to injury and accidents. To make a proper repair, door panels must be removed, glass must be properly set and cured with industrial adhesives and if your car has power windows, the technician must make sure the windows are compatible and work with your automobile’s window motors. Whether your window was broken in an accident or is simply damaged beyond repair, replacing it is the best way to make sure you can see clearly and to reduce your chances of an accident. Broken, deeply chipped cracked windows are a driving hazard that can put you in harm’s way.  In many cases, insurance will help cover all or most of the costs associated with auto glass repair since insurers understand the important role clear vision plays in safe driving. Do not drive around with windows that are broken or do not keep out wind and rain, call on help from our expert technicians to fix your windows and keep you seeing clearly, driving safely and staying warm and dry no matter what they weather brings. With years of experience and training, our glass replacement specialists can take care of your job using the best materials and the most advanced techniques available. If you have an auto door glass replacement job you need taken care of, call us today for an estimate and to make an appointment. We can help repair your car, truck, RV or van windows quickly getting you back on the road with less down time than you ever imagined possible.