Windshield Replacement Guarantee


Windshield WarrantyWhen it comes to auto glass repair, it’s not only the quality of the repair that is important but also the warranty that the company provides as well. Here at Windshield of Glendale we aim to provide the best customer service and will also provide safety, value and quality in all of our installations. Our company, which is based in Glendale Arizona, ensures that all the products of our workmanship are guaranteed. We offer two types of warranties: Auto Glass Replacement Warranty and Windshield Chip Repair.
For Auto Glass Replacement Warranty, we offer the following guarantees: If there’s a windshield defect caused by the manufacturer that we cannot fix then we will replace the unit at no cost. If our staff members have damaged any parts then the company will replace those parts for free. We will also fix or even replace windshields that have air or water leaks. Any loose molding, such as the windshield’s black rubber, will be fixed as well. Finally if any of the windshield’s rear-view mirrors comes off then we’ll replace those for free.

Windshield Chip Repair Warranty

Our company trust the workmanship of our replacement services so we offer a free mobile rock chip repairs. With our Windshield Chip Repair Warranty, you can send your windshield back for free chip repairs for the entirety of its lifetime. If the windshield will have a damaged area which is less the size of your average credit card then you can have the repairs for free.
Our Car Windshield Repair Guarantee states that a repaired windshield won’t stretch beyond the point of repair. If the repairs aren’t successful then we’ll apply the repair costs to a full windshield replacement. If you’re not satisfied with this set-up then we can credit the repair costs towards a new windshield instead. This credit will go to your insurance company if they funded the repair costs.