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Anyone who has ever stepped into a greenhouse on a cold winter day has experienced the phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect. The energy transferred through the glass in the form of light is transformed into heat that is much slower to dissipate through the glass. The same thing happens with your vehicle. Sunlight is trapped inside heating the interior. As a result, your seat belt buckle can become hot enough to blister the skin on contact, your air conditioning must work much harder and your vehicle’s upholstery slowly disintegrates. Glendale Arizona residents know all too well these effects when daytime temperatures break the century mark. Fortunately, auto window tint provides a way to reduce the effects of the sun rays on your vehicle.

Auto window tint is rated based on the amount of light it allows through the glass. In Glendale Arizona as well as the rest of the state, the law limits the front passenger windows to a 35 percent glaze but the windows behind these may be tinted as dark as you like, even at the 5 percent Limo levels. In practicality, it is recommended that other windows be tinted to the 20 percent level. Placing a solar shade in the front windshield when the car must be parked in the open helps to reduce the heat inside the vehicle even more.

In addition to the damage UV light causes your vehicle, it can also damage your skin. Solar tint reduces the amount of UV rays that actually pass through the glass. This reduction can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer in drivers or passengers who spend many hours in their vehicle.

Adding auto window tint to your vehicle is an affordable way to increase your comfort when driving your car. Your vehicle remains cooler when parked as well as when in operation. The tint is an accessory that adds beauty to your new vehicle while protecting its interior.