Windshield replacement cash insentive in Glendale ArizonaYour windshield is eventually going to get damaged. You might be the greatest driver in Arizona, but something will happen that causes that protective piece of glass to break. You might get into an accident, be hit by a piece of falling debris or even be the victim of a wanton bit of vandalism – anything could happen. When it does, you will be left with broken glass and a problem. Fortunately, you can always get your windshield replaced if you have windshield replacement insurance. Even better, you can even get rewarded for having that windshield replaced.

Arizona is one of the few states in the U.S. that requires that insurance companies offer windshield replacement insurance with no deductible. If you have such a policy, you are able to get your windshield replaced without having to pay a dime out of your own pocket. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will try to get you to go “their” shops, shops that will do the job for less regardless of the quality. Fortunately, you do have the right to choose your own shop and you have the right to make sure that you choose the best. Windshields of Arizona can help make that choice even easier by offering you a fifty dollar cash back reward just for filing a legitimate insurance claim.

Before you windshield breaks, take the time to make sure that you have the right kind of insurance policy. If you have windshield replacement insurance, you can get the issue taken care of with a minimum of fuss and with no money out of your pocket. Taking it in for the fifty dollar cash reward program is an even better deal, as you will also get paid for your decision to make your driver a little safer. And just think, all it takes is exercising your right to have a great insurance policy!